The 3 Percent factor

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

So, with markets going downhill by approximately 3%, there is a lot of noise associated with this incident in the financial world. Since Sensex has crumbled by 850+ points, that should be the big heading for most pink papers tomorrow.

But this is not even its biggest or even 2nd biggest fall (even when measured in point terms which is pretty wrong considering that when Sensex started, we had a value that was less than the fall of today). In fact, today’s fall is the 7th largest when considered in terms of points and 232nd or somewhere around when measured point wise.

There are many interesting things with todays fall which suggests to me that while this is not a start of the fall like one saw in 2008 (which is in the memory of most investors / traders), this fall does not signify a short term bottom either. So…

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